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        Each summer, Creative Youth Theater puts on a two-week drama workshop followed by three RAVED-ABOUT performances!
 You can be a part of the fun this summer!!

           As a director, my goal is to provide your child with a fun and safe drama experience challenging them in an encouraging way. Drama is amazing, in that it can  teach them, stretch  them, and inspire them!   create each play so that every character has lines  and lots of fun times on stage.

       Most kids say this two weeks is the highlight of their summer!!  We work hard  as a team for  ten days and then put on three performances which usually pack the house!  

             Everyone who registers (with certain parameters for the number of kids based on height, age, look, and gender) is IN the play.  We they audition to  see who best fits each part in the play.  

               Scripts are given out at least two weeks before we start practices.  Some practices are in the morning and some in the afternoon, and practices are held in Bellingham, right off I-5  which is very convenient for parents.  Many families car-pool (See other pages for more details.)

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We’d love for you to be a part this summer!


July 13-25,  2020

Creative Youth Theater
will be putting on two plays:  

Site for Sore Ears

For kids 12-17

Directed by Christie Miller

(Click here)   And

Who Stole Miss
Maisey’s Gradebook

(For kids 6-12)

Directed by Stephanie Semiday

(Click Here)

Two weeks of practice and then
two or three performances.

For kids ages

In Bellingham,


For ticket information and directions to the theater.

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For information about being in the play:

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To see the list of character parts for Site for Sore Ears CLICK HERE!  

To see the list of  character parts for  Miss Maisy


Practices for  “Site”  are 12 to 3 most days. Monday - Friday.

Practices for Miss Maisey are Monday -Friday from 10-11:15 most days  most days.

Various Plays

You can be a part this summer!!

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