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Character Parts for   Dude Ranch for Sale (Cow pies included!)

Then you have the….…

Crazy Campers:

 (boys and girls- all with different motives; some who want to be at the camp and others who don’t.  You have your rich kids, your talented kids (one who can sing a solo), your “loves a good competition” kids, your advice giver,  your spy,  your “can’t do anything right” kid,  your bragging camper, and your  “not so brilliant” idea-filled camper.  

Specific names will be given when you are sent audition lines.  

The  plot of the play!


  Dude Ranch for Sale is a comedy and a mystery rolled up into one.  It takes place on a dude ranch which is a summer horse camp for kids.  The owner has disappeared and all sorts of sabotage of the camp is happening.  No one can figure out why all of this is happening.  Then it is discovered that some of the people at the camp are not who they actually are! Mystery and plenty of laughs at every turn.

Crew Positions

Back Stage Manager

Lighting Director

Spot Light Director

Sound  Director  

Costumes Director
and Prompter  

Plus two cast moms

Camp Director ( Who has no clue what to do!)

Assistant Director (realizes the director is a bumbling idiot and tries to take over)

Ranch Hands -(both female and male - some who act in the camp melodrama)

The Cook (Rather bossy and nosey)

Assistant Cook (female- acts like a ditz!)

Camp Registrar (too efficient for her own good)

Camp Counselors (male and female- some with secret identities and some who don’t even like horses!)  

The Overemotional lawyer (female -a loud and reactive person who no one likes. This is a challenging character role for just the right person!)

Her Secretary (female-caters to the lawyer)

The Investor’s Lawyer  (firm and wants to solve the mystery)  

The Sheriff  (Small town sheriff who has no clue what he is doing!)