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Comments from kids who have been in  previous plays!

Sounds of Music

Dude Ranch For Sale
(Cow Pies Included!)

Nothing Like Planning Ahead


A creative rendition of


Past Plays We Have Done



A 1950’s  comedy written by Christie Miller!  

Letters to the Homefront ©

The Town That Couldn't
Say No (Pollyanna)

Chairlift to Heaven ©

Return to Paradise ©

Zany Cow Kidnapping  ©

Cruising Into Trouble ©

The Unlegendary

Legends of the West. ©

Villain, Villain, Who
Caught the Villain? ©

Is There a Hero in the House? ©

Morgan Ferrigan Fell I
nto The Well Again

Sounds of Music

Dude Ranch For Sale
(Cow Pies Included!)  ©

Nothing Like Planning Ahead ©

To register to be in  the 2019 summer play, please fill out the Registration Form (click here to open)  
Older kid’s play is $175 and the younger kid’s play is $95 total for the two-week workshop.  A deposit  is due with the registration form and the rest is due the first day of drama camp.   
Mail the registration form  with a $50 deposit for the older kid’s play and $35 for the younger kid’s play to:

Creative Youth Theater 2818 Martin Road, Bellingham, WA 98226

Also include the DRAMA AGREEMENT FORM that needs to be signed by the parents and the actor.


The balance of $125 for the older kid’s play and $60 for the younger kid’s play  is due on July 8, the first day of practice.  No refunds after  June 1 (as the script is already in motion to include your child.)  Yes, we do fill-up, so many people register early!  No spots are held until the registration form and deposit are received.

 We do need cast moms for each play.  In April,  you will receive audition lines for the play, and will then be able to schedule an audition time for May.

Feel free at any time to email the director or call.  (360-966-0203 or Director@CreativeYouththeater.com)  For kids new to our summer drama workshop, there are probably lots of questions.  Talking to someone you know has been in the play or read  the comments below can really help you feel like you have a handle on this fun experience!      

Plays with © (copyright symbol) were written by Christie Miller

Our plays are written or  turned into a “creative rendition”  by Christie Miller so that everyone has a great part.  Her  original  plays are available for sale

     “Every summer I mark my calendar.  Nothing will keep me from being the play!  It is the highlight!  I love meeting new kids,  having the opportunity to develop a character, and then I love hearing the audience laugh! “

        “At first when my friends asked me to be in the play, I was so nervous.  I said, ‘NO WAY!’  Then, I went to see  one of the plays.  The next summer I must have been the first to sign up! “

          “I went to another drama program and got yelled at!   Never has our director yelled at us…..well maybe once when she needed to be heard……but I felt comfortable that I could develop my character my way over the two weeks.  

           “We worked so hard and it paid off.  The performances were amazing.  We all encouraged one another, and we did it!  I can’t believe we did it in only two weeks.”

         “When our director gave me my part, I wasn’t too sure.  It wasn’t the one I wanted, but when I started getting into it, I loved it.  Yes, I get nervous, but the excitement and the fun of it all overcomes the nerves!”

        “I have done school drama programs, but I can say I learned more in the two weeks with Christie Miller than I did in the two month production at school. She gave suggestions, but she let me develop my own character.  In that freedom, I think I could do a much better job.  I felt like I became my character.”  

         “This is like no other drama camp.  The director is patient, creative, encouraging and makes it REALLY fun. I never thought I could get on stage and act, but after this  summer,  I am signing up every single year.”


        “I have acted in Creative Youth Theater plays for 4 years now. Each year is full of fun parts and the opportunity to grow in my acting skills.  I can’t  for each summer!”  

        “There are kids who are really good actors and they inspire me. I am never on stage alone so it is not really scary anymore.  It’s just so much fun. I never want the two weeks to end.”   

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