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Every part is really fun!

*** Names and more specifics will come out with the audition lines. Remember, those who are registered are IN the play. Auditions are used to find the best part to fit everyone for the total cast. Audition times and lines come out in April.

   NOTE:  This year’s play only has a few spots for younger actors.

Then you have the
 1950’s touch of fun…..

While this is not a musical, we have fun using great hits from the 50’s and 60’s for some spotlight moments.  

Character Parts for :  Site for Sore Ears

Crew Positions

Back Stage Manager   Lighting Director

Spot Light Director        Sound  Board  Director  Costumes Director and Prompter

Younger kids assist. director  

Plus two cast moms

There is a mystery to solve in this play:  

 Who is the new owner of SWEET ALBERT’S SODA SHOP?

 To solve this mystery, the rumors fly and the gossip grows.

This play takes place in the 1950’s era  where rumors and gossip  go wild.  This leads to all sorts of comedy,  
misunderstandings and crazy fun!

Plot for the Play