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        Creative Youth Theater started in Mammoth Lakes, California in 1990 when I was teaching drama in the schools.  Each summer, a program from Hollywood came up and did a drama program for kids that was very expensive.  Parents were tired of paying a high price and  seeing their kids have only a few lines in the play.  There were  “stars” in the familiar plays they choose, but most of the kids had only one or two lines. They asked me to write some plays that had more equal parts for kids - where everyone could be on stage many times  and  have enough lines so that they could actually develop the character they were given.      

        I loved this challenge because people say my middle name is “creative!”  That is when Creative Youth Theater© was launched!  At our start, we did our plays out in the fields of an equestrian center with sets we hoped would not blow away…although they did one time!   The audiences brought blankets and lawn chairs and their picnic lunches.  Most of the plays back then were melodramas and westerns to fit the “stage.”

         When we moved to Washington in 1995, Creative Youth Theater began its summer debut in Bellingham.  Over 750 kids have been on stage because of Creative Youth Theater and this is our 22nd year in Bellingham. \

     Our goal is different from other drama groups.  It has always been to provide a safe and encouraging place for kids to learn and grow and work as a team to put on an exceptional program.  People can’t believe we do it all in two weeks!   Many say that we out-shine the performances done other places that take months!  I say it’s the kids.  Amazing kids putting their all into making these performances top-notch.  They are stretched by the experience and the team, and they stretch themselves at the same time!!    

At first, we also did western themes plays and some melodramas because we  always did one of our performances at the Pioneer Days in Ferndale, a town nearby. We used a tent for dressing rooms, and put on the play many times in one day to small audiences.  It became really difficult to do this as our plays soon got more complex in sets and longer in duration.

Now we do all sorts of different plays from comedies to mysteries to adventures. The plays are chosen each year based upon the talents of the participants.  If we have lots of strong singers, we may do a musical like Sound of Music or Annie.  Our greatest musical by far was Fiddler on the Roof.  

 Most of our plays, however, I have written to fit the kids involved.  A list of

these plays is on the registration page as well as on the page where the plays are sold. . Most are mysteries or comedies,  and of course they all involve KIDS!! They can actually be adapted to include adults, but I love working with kids!!  

 I started selling my plays on line about 10 years ago, and my plays have been put on as far east as New Jersey, as far north as Nanaimo, BC Canada, and my real claim to fame is when one was put on in Boring, Oregon.  Yes, there is a Boring, Oregon, and they named the town BEFORE they did my play.  Schools, both public and Christian, youth groups and private groups all find something they can use.  

Life is busy, but these two weeks in the summer are a priority to me because I see kid’s lives dramatically change.  It could be because they learn to work as a team member, or because they are doing something that they didn’t think they could do, or because they are growing in their skills and confidence….it doesn’t matter, they love it and they are never the same after the experience.

 When I am not busy with drama, I am a teacher!  I have taught for 37 years in public, private and home school venues. Currently I teach English and history in my home to homeschoolers. I also  head up Northwest Christian Speakers Bureau (nwspeakers.com), and have my own speaking ministry, Fresh Look Thinking which sends me all over the United States speaking on the topic I love the most:  How Jesus Christ can bring peace and hope and healing into a life!  He certainly did that in my life!!

 I also enjoy writing.  In addition to the Christian books I have written, I have written some travel books.  You can take a look at the books I have written and even purchase them plus  see a list of my speaking topics and  CD’s at my publishing web page, (FreshLookPublishing.com.)    Some of my books are on sale on Amazon. Currently, I am trying my hand at some “made for TV movies.”

Life is amazing!  Kids are incredible!  Working together on a project such as a drama production is awesome!   I hope you can join us sometime either being in the play or coming to see it.  

Christie Miller


Creative Youth Theater© and Christie Miller

A scene from
Dude Ranch for Sale

And  Annie, 2017

Come see this
summer’s performance of

Dude Ranch for Sale

(Cow Pies Included)

Thursday, July 18th and

 Friday, July 19th

6:30  p.m.      And

Our Saturday Matinee

July 20th At 1 p.m.

Click here for information about the younger kid’s play!

Theater location:

700 Sunset Dr. In Bellingham, WA  at I-5 and James

(Take the Sunset exit and the  location is on the west side of the freeway.  Turn in to the driveway off of James Street.


Adults - $8.00

Students 6-17 - $4.00

Kids under 6 not admitted.

Tickets may be purchased
at the door.

(If you are attending both the younger kid’s play and the older kid’s play, this ticket will cover both.)

Want to be in the play?

Auditions are held in May.
Sign-ups begin in January,
and we do fill up.

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A scene from Pollyanna!


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