Participation Agreement for Creative Youth Theater

(Please print this off, sign it and return it  with the registration form and deposit.)

** We are attempting to do the impossible (except that I know it can be done because I have done it for over 22  years!).....and that is to put on an outstanding play in two weeks! Please understand that drama is a team "sport" and that  attendance at every rehearsal (and for the entire rehearsal time) and every performance is of critical importance. (Please do not  schedule any appointments during our practice and performance times.  If an EMERGENCY occurs, please contact me.)

** Please understand that there are NO STARS in the Creative Youth Theater. Every part is significant and important  to the total play.  As a result, no "Prima Donnas" or Prima Donna attitudes are allowed. Everyone is the star!  Everyone is equally as important!

** Each person will have lots of lines and is responsible to memorize their lines and their cues as quickly  as possible. Please work with your son or daughter at home on their lines.  There is also time during the workshop to work on lines with their scene groups and with a coach.

** The director is responsible for assigning parts in the play and for directing the action of the play.  (Deciding who gets what part is very hard to do!) Your auditions, previous acting experience, fitting the part, etc.  are all considerations. Many people often want the same part. You need to trust me for this final decision.)

**Parents will find that drama workshop takes a lot of energy for their kids over these two weeks.  Please don't  schedule HUGE events or activities every day for your son or daughter or you will find their energy may run out!! 

 **Students have lots of great  ideas, and I enjoy hearing these and taking these into consideration.....BUT  only before and after practice (not during practice since our time is so limited).

** Each participant needs to provide the appropriate costumes for the play. Thrift shops are the best place to find costumes as a reasonable price. I also have some costumes to use,  and we may borrow some from other people in the play or in the community. When costumes  are borrowed from the director or others in the community, it is the responsibility of the participant  to see that they  are taken care of and returned clean, quickly and in good repair.  While the director does not charge for the use of costumes, there are others in the community who do ask for a donation to use their costumes.  (More details on this  later, if needed.)

** The participant is not to leave with anyone but a parent or designated adult who is listed on the registration form. A note from the parent brought to practice may also give permission to go home with someone else.  Please wait for your parent to pick you up INSIDE THE BUILDING.

** We are grateful for the use of this church facility. Each participant will need to show respect and  proper behavior for the facility. (No eating or drinking in the auditorium; no climbing on furniture; no being destructive; and PLEASE clean up after yourselves.) Please do not touch or use their equipment or furnishings.

**During this two week workshop, the words that come out of our mouths need to be positive and encouraging.  I accept no bullying or harassment as well as no cussing or inappropriate behaviors or  conversations.   Also, actors should not try to correct or "lecture" other actors.  We are a team and need to let the director be the coach.  Also, a few other "acting coaches" may help us out, and they are also in authority.  

**Respect for other people’s property must also be demonstrated.  If it is NOT YOURS...don't touch it!

**This two weeks is a wonderful time to make new friends and to learn to work together  as a team.  As a result, I ask that you LEAVE ALL EARPHONES and electronic devises at home.  This includes all music. I reserve the right to confiscate them until your parent arrives to pick you up.   Cell phones may be used to contact parents only.  Texting, etc. during practices is not a good use of time.  Use your time here to work on your performance and to get to know others! 

**Putting on this type of play requires some parent help. I greatly appreciate every parent who volunteers to help. (Some of the tasks could include:  selling tickets, helping with make up and hair, security at performances, selling refreshments at intermission,  getting pizza  (or lunch) for the kids, sewing (perhaps),  make lettering, and various other things.)  You can sign up for these tasks on the desk in the foyer that has all sorts of drama information on it.  

**We paint sets a few weeks before the play and that is really fun, but  optional if you can’t be involved.  I do, however,  need as many  dads and moms to help put up the final sets the Sunday afternoon before the last week of the workshop.  I also need everyone to help strike the sets on Saturday after our last performance.  All of this help is greatly appreciated and a wonderful way to meet other parents and to see behind the scenes of your child's production!  We have been known to strike the sets in 45 minutes!  

** I understand that if the participant's behavior during rehearsal is not appropriate, he/she could be asked to  leave the workshop without a refund. (In all the years I have done this, I have never had a problem with this!!! - But I also have no problem enforcing this!)

** Communication is a key to a great performance.  I communicate through email almost every day during the workshop.  Please check your email during this time.  

Participant's Signature ___________________________________________________ Date ______________

Parent Signature ________________________________________________________Date ______________

If you have questions, please do not hesitate to call me at 360-966-0203. Thank you, Christie Miller