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By Christie Miller

General  Plays

For kids and adults

 A. The Zany Cow Kidnapping This takes place in a one room school house and is full of the unexpected.  This is a great play to put on with mostly younger kids (8-11) and then a smaller group of older/taller kids (12-18).  Fun characters and this is one of my favorites.  Easy sets and late 1800’s costumes.  

 B. Cruising Into Trouble

This takes place on a cruise ship with a great variety of kids who have won national honors for something!! What happens, though,  when some unexpected passengers (three comedians) accidentally get booked for the wrong cruise?  Fun, mischief, humor and action!   Really zany characters and some challenging ones!   1 ½ hours,  20+ kids,  some challenges with sets, but nothing I can’ t help you solve!  I’ve done this one twice it is so much fun!  

C. Letters From the Homefront

Trouble comes to the Ellison's house during World War II when their younger daughter and her friends try to help the war effort with disastrous results!  Full of fun and suspense.  A real tribute to our soldiers and how we can serve and thank them.  Really fun character parts and lots of humor!  Cast of about 24, or less.  Easy sets and time period costumes.  

D. Dude Ranch for Sale (Cow Pies Included) The audiences LOVED this mystery/comedy play. Costumes are easy as it takes place at a summer camp held at a dude ranch.  This is a full length play for kids 10-18 including 27 parts with campers, counselors, ranch staff and an eccentric lawyer from New York and her fickle secretary who are trying to sell the ranch.  Cast size can be adjusted.

 No horses needed, but the cow pies are a “must”….or at least make the audience think they are cow pies!  

E. A Site For Sore Ears

This was everyone’s favorite!  Poodle skirts, a 50’s soda bar and add the skateboards, hula hoops and zany old ladies. Every part is full of personality from the absent minded mailman to the nerd imitator to the confused foreign exchange student.    The theme for this play is how we use our tongue….for trouble!   2 fun-filled hours and worth- e

F. The Unlegendary Legends of the West This play covers 75 years of wild west history with 25 kids each playing several parts.  Action-packed, history-filled, great for a  large group of middle schooled kids.  Every character is someone who actually lived in the west.  Fun time-period costumes.  Get out those boots and spurs, but no horses needed!  Easy sets.   I have put this play on in a gym, out in a equestrian center, and on stage.  This keeps the kids busy changing costumes and characters!  

G. Villain, Villain, Who Caught the Villain??  This is a fun melodrama full of suspense and action with lots of twists and turns.  What if there really wasn't a villain - but the damsel in distress decided to be her own villain? Would everyone then feel sorry for the villain?  This is full of audience participation with boo’s and hisses.  Great for a middle school cast!  

--------------------SHORTER PLAYS FOR YOUNGER KIDS (age 6-11)

AA.   Is There A Hero In The House?  

This is a short melodrama play for kids 6-11 running about 20 minutes in length. It is full of fun and action!  One older actor needed who could also be the director.  Easy sets and modern costumes. Great opportunities for kids to show their talents like singing, yo-yo-ing, dancing, etc.  Cast of about 15.  

BB. The Making of Stuart Little
This is a short play for kids 6-10 running about 20 minutes.  Each kid is a Hollywood star trying to audition to play the part of a mouse in an upcoming movie about a mouse being adopted by a family. Modern costuming; easy sets.  (I wrote this because if we put on Stuart Little, everyone would want to be the main part.  This way, everyone get a change to be the mouse. )

CC. There's Nothing Like Planning Ahead!  This is another short play for kids 6-10 years old and runs about 18 minutes. It is full of comedy and takes place in a classroom where the teacher is trying to show them how important it is to plan for their future and never let their dreams die.  Scene 1 they share what their parents wanted to be when they grow up and in Scene 2, they come dressed in the costume they want to be when they grow up.  Funny lines.  The kids and parents LOVED this one!  You need one adult to play the teacher, and this could also be the director

 #1 When The Rain Falls
The theme for this play is holding on to your integrity as a Christian  even when you are mistreated.  This takes place in a general store at the turn of the century in the west.  Cast of about 20 kids aged 11-18, or you could mix this with adults for a church play.   1½ hours in length. Drama and humor.

#2 The Cause Of It All  

The theme for this play is priorities, honesty, and fairness as Christians. It takes place in the living room of a newspaper editor who doesn't know his wife is having "Women's Rights to Vote" meetings in his home.  So funny….many humorous scenes! Time period costumes and  easy sets.  (My favorite!)   1 1/2 hours in length.  For kids 11-18, but could also be adapted for adults in a church setting.  

#3 Chairlift to Heaven

The theme for this play is giving God your best and being willing to share your faith in the face of unfair treatment. It takes place in modern times when a youth group goes on a ski trip to a lodge where the owner has an old grudge against the youth pastor. Each character represents a Proverb from the Bible and the audience has a  contest in their program for fun to see if they can match the Proverb with the characters.  

#4 Return to Paradise  

In this play a group of young school friends who haven't seen each other for 15 or more years are secretly reunited at a hotel in Hawaii owned by their first Sunday School teacher who is about to die. Fire, floods, and the discovery of why they were brought there keeps the play full of action! Each character represents a parable from the Bible which the audience can guess from the program while watching the play.   1 ½ hours.  Can be adapted to adults, but originally written for kids 11-18.  Easy sets and costumes…all Hawaiian!  

#5 The Night Before Christmas Eve Service

This is a short play (about 20 minutes) that could be used for a Christmas service.  It takes place in the living room of an elder as everyone in leadership of a church gathers.  They have just learned that two teenagers were playing with fire behind the church, and the church burned down!   There are various ideas about how to handle this situation and what attitudes to have.  The youth group comes up with a “love your enemy” idea that isn’t too well received until the end.    6-8 adults,  5-10 youth.  Easy sets and modern-day costumes.  

NOTE:  Christie Miller has not only written these scripts, she has performed  all of them. In fact, she has done several of them a few times  on different stage venues.  She is happy to be of help to you.


Plays #1-4 are $100.        Play #5 is $80

Plays A-G are $150     Plays AA-CC are $80

(Tax included, no shipping needed for script)

What is included with the
purchase of a script?

The full script will be emailed to you in PDF or a Word doc form.  You may make copies for your cast for a one-time multi-performance use, and you may alter the script  to fit your cast.  You can obtain permission to do this via email.  Also, Christie Miller is willing to talk with you on the phone or over email about any of the plays before you buy them.   She will also help you with tips for props, costumes and sets. Please email her if you are interested in any of these plays for your school, church or private use. She can also direct you to a play that would suit your group.



A little bit about Christie:

Christie Miller started writing and directing plays over  20 years ago. She is a 37 year veteran English teacher with an emphasis in drama. When she first started, parents asked her to write some plays where there were no “stars” with all of the lines.  She was able to accomplish this goal so that all the kids have great parts, lots of lines
and are on stage a lot.

       This is unlike other drama group who have kids in the cast with only one or two lines.   She is noted for being creative, adaptive, and that her plays are fun to watch because no one knows the ending. In fact, some plays have a few endings so that parents who come more than once are even surprised!  Christie is a conservative Christian so each play is tasteful and moral but entertaining!  

     Her plays can also be adjusted as to the size of cast and gender of many of the parts.  

To purchase a play, please contact
Christie Miller at

360-966-0203  or at Director@CreativeYouthTheater.com