Creative Youth Theater


Name __________________________________________________________

Address: _________________________________________________________________________

City     ____________________________Zip ______________________

Email addresses __________________________________________________________________(Parents)


Phones:  (Home) ______________________________________

Parent’s Names and Cell Phones: _____________________________________________

Other Emergency Name and Phone ________________________________________________

Age ___________ Grade __________ Height ____________  Gender ___________

Is this your first time with Creative Youth Theater?    YES      NO  

Signing up for what play?   (Circle one) Dude Ranch     Villains

Tell me a little about yourself:

School ___________________________________ Favorite subject _____________________

Have you ever done anything on a stage before?


Have you ever seen one of our plays before?   YES    NO    MANY!

Check the following that apply:

I want a really big part ______ I’m okay with a smaller part_______
Any size part is okay with me _______

I am really nervous ______  I’m raring to go! ________  I am nervous but excited! ________

I can memorize lines easily _________  I can do fun things with my voice _______

I can speak with an accent ______________   For my age I look   OLD     YOUNG    RIGHT ON

I’m willing to learn new things in drama for the stage   YES     NO

I can sing alone ___________  I can sing with a group ___________ I really can’t sing _________

I would love to have a singing (solo) part in the play __________________

I can dance _________________  I can speak really loudly!  ___________________

Please send this form in with the deposit of $50 for older kid’s play and $35 for younger kid’s play
and the Participation Agreement

to:     Christie Miller, Creative Youth Theater Director

2818 Martin Road          Bellingham, WA  98226

(Balance paid on the first day of the workshop ($125 or $60);

Deposit is non-refundable after June 1)

All registrations sent in mean you are IN THE PLAY, except when we state that we are full.

Questions:  360-966-0203     or