“Creating” Since 1990


Can the hero really save the poor damsels?

Who will the

HERO be?

Character Parts for

Villains, Villains

and MORE Villains.  

Will the Villains outwit the
poor damsels
 in distress?  

Will they get creative and not be so helpless?

 Here is our recipe for fun!

First, take 5 villainous villains — one being the director of the school for Villainous Villains….

Then add two very inexperienced heros who have a heart (one who plays a mean game of golf)…..

And don’t forget the 8 darling and sweet damsels in distress who desperately need a hero to save them from the villainous villains…..

All held together by two spirited narrators of the action, as well as our new younger kid’s play director, Stephanie Semiday.   

Which part sounds good to you?

Parts will be assigned based upon height, size, personality, and experience!  Your preferences area also taken into consideration.  Once you have registered you are IN THE PLAY.  We just need to do auditions to see who plays what part!!!  

Specific names will be given when you are sent audition lines after your register.  

Auditions will be held in May, and they really are fun!!

We will be painting sets the
first part of  July!!  

The  plot of the play!


  Villains, Villains, Too Many Villains is a fast-moving funny play  with a mystery! At the  Villainous School for Villains, they are trying to train young villains how to trick the poor damsels in distress.  

There are some young heroes, but will they really be the ones to save the poor damsels? There is a hero, but we don’t know who the hero will be until the very end!

We welcome Stephanie Semiday as our new younger kid’s play director!!   Stephanie has been in several Creative Youth Theater productions years ago, and we are excited she has come back to us with a Master’s in Acting….not to mention  a husband and two little girls.  She is excited about directing Villains with you this summer.