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This play takes place in a classroom with lots of mystery and curiosity!  

Character Parts for:

Who Stole Miss Maisey’s Gradebook?

For kids 6-12

Who would steal the teacher’s gradebook
and why? ?


Here is our recipe
 for fun!

First, you have a wacky janitor, add Miss Maisey, a very sweet teacher, and then
add a light-hearted
school principal.  

 And the play won’t be complete without lots of students who become
  highly suspect when the
grade book mysteriously disappears.

Parts will be assigned based upon height, size, personality, and experience!  Your preferences are also taken into consideration.  Once you have registered you are IN THE PLAY.  We just need to do auditions to see who plays what part!!!  

Specific names will be given when you are sent audition lines after your register.  

Auditions will be held in May, and they really are fun!!

We will be painting sets the
first part of July!!  

The  plot of the play!


 Who Stole Miss Maisey’s Gradebook” is a fast-moving funny play that centers around the mystery!

Will the principal help?

Will the wacky janitor
save the day?

Does Miss Maisey solve
 the mystery?

Are some of the students
who are teacher’s pets?

What’s in that gradebook?   

 Stephanie Semiday
will be back for the second year directing the younger kid’s play!   
Stephanie has been in several Creative Youth Theater productions years ago, and we are excited she has come back to us with a Master’s in Acting….not to mention  a husband and two little girls.  She is excited about directing this play with you.